About these activitiesREADME

Of course there are a million things to do in both Shanghai and Beijing. Therefore, we have decided to pick just the most essential things we managed to do during our stay. For further reading you could check out the website

Visit the "Hutons"

This gives you a peek into the kind of neighborhoods that many people in Beijing live in. Crooked houses and tiny alleys lead you into a world most likely unfamiliar from your own. Rent a bicycle (rickshaw) driver for optimal experience

Go see the great wall

It might be an obvious attraction, but it’s worth seeing. You may want to keep away from the most visited parts of the wall in the tourist season, unless you want lots of random people in your “I walked the wall”-pictures.

Visit a park

Go to a park (the bigger the better) early in the morning (from about 06.00-10.00), and watch a big group of Chinese people, both young and old, perform different kinds of rituals like tai chi, badminton, dancing, painting and flying kites. This will most certainly give you a good start on a busy day, and you will feel the positive energy flowing through you as you walk by all the harmonic people. If you feel like it; join in!