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Of course there are a million things to do in both Shanghai and Beijing. Therefore, we have decided to pick just the most essential things we managed to do during our stay. For further reading you could check out the website


"Cloud 9" is the world's highest bar, located in Jin Mao Tower. Slightly expensive, but you will get a spectacular view when enjoying your drink. (If you are a big group, we recommend you to visit Cloud 9 in the afternoon). "I Love Shanghai", a small bar/club with English-speaking staff, cheap drinks, good music, billiard table, dancing pole and sitting groups. It will most certainly call for a fun night out!

The old town

This busy part of town is filled with restaurants, small shops and lots of people. The old town is a great place to buy souvenirs, fake goods and Chinese style clothes.


Go for a walk or relax by "The Bund". This is where the river bends, and from here you can see different sights of Shanghai. A popular meeting place for Chinese people.


Take a day trip to the town called Souzhou. Here you will be able to ride a canal boat in the intricate water canal system, and experience a relaxed atmosphere. You will also find lots of small shops, selling designer wear and tailored clothes to a reasonable price. Highly recommended if you need a break from Shanghai’s busy streets. Trains depart from Shanghai daily.