Passport containing Chinese visa

Get your Chinese visa as early as possible. If something goes wrong you need time to fix it, and without a visa you won’t be let into the country. Important!

Antibacterial (tissues or spray)

You want to keep those unfamiliar bacteria off your hands, especially before eating or touching your eyes, mouth etc.

Warm clothes

Even if the daytime temperature is high, it will drop as soon as the sun goes down.

Good shoes

If you’re visiting the tourist attractions, prepare to spend a lot of time walking.

Simple first aid kit

Rinse and cover up a scratch as soon as you get one, infections are unwanted.

For the ladies: Tampons

They can be hard to find, and you don’t want to start acting out this one to a non-English-speaking shop owner.


Contact lens users should also bring glasses in case of eye-problems caused by pollution and unfamiliar bacteria.


Dry skin (and hair) is often a result of spending time in Chinese air.